Physical Therapy Practice Management Software

Manage physical therapy clients, notes, billing and scheduling, all from one location.

AcuBase Pro is an integrated physical therapy practice management system helping physical therapy clinics manage their office efficiently. The reliable and secure system integrates scheduling, simplified billing that promotes faster insurance reimbursements, procedure codes specific to Physical Therapy along with patient note taking and messaging capability.

Use AcuBase Pro for:

  • set recurring appointments for short and long term patient cases
  • automated e-mail appointment reminders
  • create case specific parameters such as Insurance, Auto Accident, Workmans Comp, or others
  • billing in seconds once your practice and patient preferences are set up

Billing is so easy. Simply create the case, and if the patient is required to see you for multiple visits of recurring therapy, the only thing you will need to do is print the bill at the date of service. All of the patient’s original information will transfer to each new bill. So, whether you’re a solo practice or multi-provider group, our physical therapy practice software is designed to fit your needs. And, all the data is automatically backed up in a secure HIPAA Compliant environment, so you can spend more time with your patients, not worried about your data.

Try AcuBase for 30 days or sign up to get started:

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