Practice Management Software for Massage Therapists

Manage massage therapy clients, take notes, manage and schedule appointments, and deal with billing information all from one hub.

We recognize the recipe to a successful massage therapy practice is a filled appointment book, accurate client communications and up to date client records. AcuBase provides you the resources necessary for medical massage in the dealings of billing insurance or abiding under HIPAA regulations.

Use AcuBase Pro to manage your massage therapy practice for:

  • applying and tracking advance payments and credits for any patient account from multiple areas
  • easy to manage product sales
  • simplifing and automating your day-to day management with electronic records
  • creating a paperless environment therefore saving you office space to use for more important client friendly access
  • automated e-mail appointment reminders

Finally, if you are like many massage therapists who may either be part-time or building a practice, AcuBase Pro pays for itself by seeing just one client a month. You can get started quickly and without the upfront charges of many other software programs, therefore letting you spend more money on marketing and less on software and IT.

Try AcuBase for 30 days or sign up to get started:

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