Acupuncture Practice Management Software

Manage your acupuncture clients,  keep notes, schedule and manage inventory, and deal with billing information all from one hub.

If you are like most acupuncturists, you probably have a small office and only have yourself or a few other staff to rely on to run the day to day business. That means doing your own acupuncture appointment scheduling, billing, inventory management, financial and other reporting in addition to seeing patients. Some of you may even take an entire day or more out of your week to come into the office to get these things done. Either that means seeing less clients, or less free time for yourself.

Use AcuBase Pro for:

  • creating greater efficiencies at your office with practice and patient preferences
  • creating master forms for patients who have multi-session treatments
  • easily creating Superbills or electronic CMS 1500 insurance billing
  • tracking herbs and formulas from our inventory management section
  • creating notes for patients you see over time
  • automated e-mail appointment reminders

There is no need for extra staff, and you can manage your acupuncture practice at a convenient time and place including on your exam room computer, or even a tablet computer or iPad.

Try AcuBase for 30 days or sign up to get started:

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